How to Add Contact Form in WordPress in 2022

Are you stuck on How to Add Contact form in WordPress website? Every website requires a contact form to allow people to contact you about your products and services.

When you create a WordPress website first, the contact page is one of the important pages you need to have available. Whether you’re a blogger, a company, or anywhere in between, getting a contact page is great for your users to connect with you and eventually create a more engaging experience.

In this WordPress tutorial, we’ll show you how to construct a WordPress contact form without writing a single line of code.

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How to Add Contact Form in WordPress in 2022

What is a Contact Form?

Contact info is a “must,” so you get work, right? You get in touch! And, this touch comes from your website numerous times. A web page, a Google search, a referral connection, or any other means may generate this.

But more often, your customer will contact you through your website, where they will then look for a way to get in touch with you.

In the end, being open means your future buyers have access to you, and they need this access before they buy. A contact form is a dedicated space on your website which enables your visitors to reach you easily at any time.

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Why Should You Use a Contact Form on Your WordPress Site?

You may wonder why I need to have a contact form? Can’t I just add my email address to my blog, so people can send me an email?

That’s a very common question for beginners as they fear that adding a contact form involves knowledge of code.

The reality is that you do not know any code at all. This step-by-step guide to adding a contact form is drafted for absolute beginners.

We have listed some of the most important reasons why a contact form is better than email.

  • Time Saver: Contact forms help you save far more time than you could probably imagine. Besides the clear details given above, you can also use form support to tell the user what the next steps are. Like watching a video, or waiting for an answer for up to 24 hours, so they don’t submit out numerous inquiries.
  • Security: You keep your email safe against spammers. Since your contact form doesn’t display your email address, it can not be stolen by spammers.
  • Customizable: You can create different subject lines with a contact form, so people are always aware that their emails come from you, and most importantly, what the email is about.
  • Communication: Contact forms are a perfect way to let your readers connect with you easily.
  • Data: You monitor the collected information by including only the fields that you want the site visitors to fill out on the form. That cuts communications between you and a potential client on the back and forth.

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How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress

WPForms is a free plugin for the WordPress contact form that lets
you create your own unique contact form easily and add it to WordPress.

We are going to take you through all the steps to set it up effectively.

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1. Choosing the Best Contact Form Plugin

The first thing you need to do is to pick a WordPress contact form plugin.

While you can choose from many free and paid WordPress contact form plugins, we use WPForms on our site and believe it’s the best choice on the market.


It is the plugin that offers the most beginner-friendly form. You can use the builder and drag & drop elements to generate a contact form quickly in just a few clicks.

Now that we decided on a plugin for the contact form, let’s go ahead and install it on your WordPress website.

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2. Install a Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

It’s as easy to install Contact WPForms as any other WordPress plugin. Simply sign in to your account, go to Plugins > Add New and type its name into the search box.


It would appear in the first result. Click the Download Now button to update to your account. Tap on Enable to continue using the plugin when it’s done.

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3. Creating The Contact Form

Once the plugin has been installed, head to the setup screen, create a name for your form and select the template for the Simple Contact Form.

This will create a simple contact form that can be customized to your preference. You can add additional fields to the contact form by simply dragging them and moving them from the panel’s left hand to the right.

create new form

You can click on the field itself to make any modifications, or by dragging it into the fields of the form and rearranging the order of your contact form. Go ahead and press save once that’s over, and proceed to the next stage.

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4. Configuring the Contact Form Settings

WPForms settings

You will have to configure some general settings for your contact form. Click on Settings > General to configure the parameters :

  • Form Name: Rename the form if as you wish.
  • Form Description: Add a relevant description
  • Submit Button Text: Customize the button text as your wish
  • Spam Protection: Enable the honeypot anti-spam feature to prevent spam bots from sending requests to form. It gets enabled on all WordPress forms automatically.  If you want to use a different type of spam prevention simply unclick this option.
  • GDPR Enhancement: To meet GDPR requirements, you can deactivate the storage of entry information and user details, such as IP addresses and user agents. Also, review our step-by-step guide on how to add a GDPR Agreement area to your contact form.

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5. Configuring The Notification Settings

So, when a user submits info in a contact form, you will need some form of notification to let you know about that entry. You can customize the settings under the “Settings” and “Alerts” tab, such as the email to which the alerts will be sent.

wpforms notifications settings 2

You can add a new notification for different purposes, you will always get a notification about it via your email.

You can also use smart tags so when they submit data to contact form, it will even send a notification to the user, letting them know that you got their application and will be in touch shortly. It ensures site guests that their application has been duly sent along.

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6. Configuring The Contact Form Confirmations

Form confirmations are messages that are displayed to site visitors once they submit a contact or request via the form on your WordPress website. They give confirmations that the for has been processed and let you know about the next steps or other valuable information or introduction.

Custom Email Header

WPForms has 3 types of form Confirmations :

  • Message: In WPForms this is the default method of validation. Once a website user submits a feedback request, a quick validation message will show and will let them know that their application has been approved.
  • Show a Specific Page: This will take the user to a specific page like to a “Thank You” page or “Homepage”.
  • Redirecting to URL: It will redirect the user to any URL you want the user to visit,

To start, click on the Confirmation > Settings.

Next, select the type of confirmation type you’d like to create. For this example, we’ll select Message.

Then, customize the confirmation message to your liking, and click Save. The other to confirmations have the same settings as this, you just need to select a page for page redirection and enter a specific URL for URL redirection.

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7. Adding The Contact Form Page

You may need to add form it to your WordPress website after you’ve built your simple contact form.

adding form to post

WPForms helps you to attach your forms, it allows you to add the form to the various places on your WordPress website including blog entries, articles, and even sidebar widgets, etc.

To add this form in a post all you need to do is create a new post or page in WordPress, then click on the “Add Form” button. Next is to select your contact form in the popup menu and click on “Add Form”.

Then, publish your post or page so your contact form will appear on your website.

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How to Make Your Contact Form GDPR Compliant

There are some essential points you need to take into attention to make your contact form GDPR complaint. Few of the important points are stated below:

  • Don’t collect the data that you don’t need from the user.
  • Disable any tracking if you are using a contact form that tracks cookies, user agents and/or user IPs.
  • Get complete consent, add a way to your form for people to consent to you collecting their data.
  • Have a privacy policy in place, under GDPR every professional website needs to display a privacy policy that explains what data they collect and how they use it.
  • Use SSL/HTTPS encryption for the data encryption between browser and the server.

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Other Great Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Here are a few other good form plugins to create contact forms in WordPress.

Contact Form 7 (Free)

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 allows you to manage multiple different contact forms with a basic easy to use interface. They have a premium version as well, but it is intended as a donation. The premium doesn’t do or give anything (just a new loading animation).

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Ninja Forms (Freemium)

ninjaforms 1

Ninja Forms lets you build forms through a user-friendly interface. It has a free version but also offers a premium version with some additional and useful features, add-ons, support, layouts, etc.

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Gravity Forms (Premium)

gravity forms

Gravity Forms is apparently one of the most popular forms used on the WordPress website. It is pretty advanced, has a good user interface, and has a fabulous support system. Unlike other entries on this list, this plugin is only available in just a premium version.


Adding a contact form to WordPress is one of the most important ways for people to get in touch with you. A contact form makes your site look more professional, protects you from spammers, makes sure you get the information you need, also easy to help users connect with you the right way.

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